Poems & Songs

To write a poem-

To write a song-

Is to let the words trip along

free flow from the brain,

Incomplete sentences remain,

As incomplete thoughts skip beside —  incomplete pictures in my mind.

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Wander Wide

Elissa Wendelin — to wander,

grace wide open, space;

blue sky gray–

Pink, orange fire,

bright hot burns

wild, deep

roots of earth.


Photo- E.H

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Can’t this just be?

Can’t it just be sweet?

I just want this- little piece of- sweetness.

Can’t this just be-

Just one little kiss,

Be all we need—


Can’t this be all?

Can’t this just be right?

Can’t this just be it-

All we need– just a little sweet, sweetness.


Photo from a drive — E.H.

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Uncaught – (work in progress)

Sometimes the words are elusive little critters I can’t catch.

They run across my tongue and slip back into the depths —

Fish jumping out of water only to dive back down deep,

wiggling away-  slipping and sliding down my throat,

waving their fins to my vocal chords as they go.


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Winter Aches

Why didn’t he hold me,

like when I arrived?

Why didn’t he touch me,

like I dreamed?

Why eats me up alive—

picking away at my heart –

nibbling holes into it.

When winter comes, the water freezes,

the holes crack-

the cracks expand,

and my chest aches.

But I, I close my eyes…

and try,

-try to stop asking why.

snow nc

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Wouldn’t that be…?

Bring me peace, on the wings of-
a chicken~
who spreads laughter
to all those
whose self inflicted anxities cause
clenched teeth.
Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Bring me joy, on the rain of-
a hurricane~
who spreads fresh air
to all those
whose self imposed prisons cause
slow suffocation.
Wouldn’t that be splendid?




Note: I wrote this a while back- and just rediscovered it… let me know what you think.   Un-edited.

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Long Distance

Where stars do twinkle, a fire burns with a seemingly never-ending supply of gas-

to light across the ever expansive space,

only to extinguish, unknown—

For the stars are endlessly alone.

Mere humans unable to capture the moment they die– extinguish,

for the distance is too great.

As with some loves—the fire may have

long since abated,

on one end—while the

other is still basking in the light.


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Gray Day

a gray sky today

leaves me curled on the couch

a view of brown leafs


a gray sky today

curled on the couch with a

view of brown, red, leafs

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Natures’ light-

reflected back from

Autumns’ leaf strewn stream-

shown so bright-

that even in the photographs,

one still needs to shade

their eyes.


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When I told you goodbye,

You seemed surprised-

But why?


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